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Buyer-France-ref # 854

RAC Ashford Ltd. is looking for:
A Buyer

Scope of work:


• Procure Project materials/services (Incorporables or Installation aids) as allocated by the Project SCM Manager and ensure the complete & timely delivery of the material & equipment in line with the project requirements, give alarm to all delay & propose recovery plans, ensure the application of the SCM processes, ensure that the expediting and inspection records are kept up to date.
• He/She is the single point of contact (SPOC) with the supplier.


• Work according to The Client processes, use SCM tools, and behave in accordance with The Client Business Code of Ethic.
• Propose the Bidders List based on Company and The Client approved Suppliers Lists and based on approved SCM strategy within the Project.
• Issue RFQ (Request for Quotation) to Bidders using SAP Ariba tool.
• Perform commercial and contractual analysis, schedule evaluation of bids, and incorporate technical evaluation from Engineering, QA, QC & HSE. Finalise the bid summary and make recommendations to the Project SCM Manager for technically acceptable solutions.
• Perform commercial negotiation and ensure the best deal for The Client.
• Prepare and submit the Supplier Commitment Approval (SCA) for review and approval by the Budget Holder.
• Create and get approval of the PR & PO in SAP.
• Organise and lead the Kickoff Meetings with Vendors, ensuring in particular that instructions related to Vendor documentation and the administration of the Award are clearly explained and understood.
• Expedite the supplier documentation and regularly review the status of the SDR (Supplier Documentation Register)
• Attend the pre-production meetings (PPM). Ensure, with the QC engineer, that all the documentation required to hold the PPM (ITP, manufacturing procedure, Welding procedure, testing procedure...) is available with the right level of approval and issue the agenda.
• Receive & forward the supplier’s calls for inspections to the project QC engineer and, as applicable, to the client (as per the requirement of the ITP), monitor the progress of the inspections, ensure that the inspection report are received, reviewed, agreed & logged. Forward the finding(s), if any, to the supplier.
• Ensure a close relation with the QC engineer and keep aware of all QC issues and anticipate their consequences on schedule.
• Attend expediting visits and meetings as necessary and ensure MOMs are issued.
• Follow up the progress of the manufacturing and keep the Project SCM manager informed of any event that may result in late delivery and prepare a recovery plan.
• Review all correspondence and take necessary actions as required.
• Keep up to date the log of suppliers technical queries/deviations and expedite their close-out.
• Expedite the issue / review and approval of the Supplier documentation.
• Process Change Order Request / Change order negotiation and approval.
• Ensure and is responsible for the delivery in time, cost and quality of the material, services, and documents of the Award.
• Ensure all conditions are enforced to issue a release note and trigger the material receipt function in SAP when the release note is issued.
• Expedite the issuance and the submission of the supplier’s data book, ensure it is in accordance with the project requirements, liaise with all parties to review it and with the supplier to amend the data book until it is approved.
• Prepare and issue the shipment documentation to the transit agent. Ensure a close relation with the transit agent to allow the anticipation of the release of the goods.
• Check Suppliers invoices and the final account, obtain the corresponding close out certificate from Suppliers.
• Ensure feedback and supplier performance evaluations upon completion of works by use of Supplier performance assessment.

Profile required:

Skills Rating
Contractual principles 1
Commercial principles 2
SCM Processes 2
Negotiation Processes and Strategies 2
Expediting process 2
Logistics process 1
Systems and Tools 1
Plans, schedules, budgets & forecasting 1
Risk Management 1
Technical Awareness 1
Client’s & General Industry Awareness 2

based in Suresnes (near Paris) in France with potential travels worldwide.

Starting date:

6 to 12 months


English totally fluent

If you are interested, please make sure that we have your up-to-date CV and dates of availability and expected daily rate.

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