Vacancies » Design Electrical Engineer–Belgium –ref # 779

Design Electrical Engineer–Belgium –ref # 779

This position has been filled.

RAC Ashford Ltd. is looking for:
A Design Electrical Engineer

Scope of work:

Able to manage the various aspects relating to electrical power for construction or renovation projects at nuclear power stations, for nuclear and conventional electrical systems. In addition, you must be able to take on the following tasks :
Take charge of design, renovation and optimization studies for electrical systems, in compliance with local and international standards and regulations
Set out the ratings of equipment, technical specifications and the general design of electrical systems, including generators, generator protections, generator breakers, power transformers, MV and LV motors, AC and DC electrical boards, DC and Safe AC systems, emergency diesel generating sets, cabling,...
As Contract Owner take charge of the invitations to tender, the analysis and technical-commercial negotiation of bids as well as the awarding of contracts for the supply of electrical equipment or services
Oversee the management of interfaces relating to other technical disciplines or with the customer’s installation
Conduct a technical-commercial follow-up of contracts
Take part in factory tests, in the supervision of on-site assembly and in commissioning tests for electrical equipment or systems
Provide consulting in the field of electrical systems of nuclear generation units.
Keep an eye on changes on the market, best practices as well as advances in electrical/ nuclear standards and regulatory requirements
Participate in the improvement of methods used in the electrical engineering field for nuclear generation units

Required profile :

. With a master of electrical or electromechanical engineering with a minimum of three (3) to ten (10) years’ experience in the electrical field, preferably in the field of nuclear power electrical systems that include classification and qualification of nuclear safety functions
> For our expertise branch, is required to have a very good theorical understanding of stationary and transitory electrical laws, deep knowledge of various electrical systems, ageing phenomena’s,…able to interpret interactions with mechanical aspects
> With interest in the analysis and research of solutions to a variety of technical problems in the area of electrical power systems
> With proficient knowledge of Dutch/French and a good grasp of English
> Motivated and able to work well in a multi-disciplinary team
> Customer-satisfaction must be part of your day-to-day vision
> With a dynamic personality and a proactive and innovative approach to work
> Independent and have an acute sense of responsibility; rigorous.
> Mobile and open to missions abroad (short or medium-term)
> With BA4 or BA5, and have a VCA certification
Experience required: Experts in Nuclear Power Electricity are also needed.
Other desirable qualifications: Looking for qualified engineers with expertise from Junior plus to seniors.


Days per week : 5
Hours per week : 40
Worksite intervention: YES


Starting date:


12 months

French , Dutch and English

If you are interested, please make sure that we have your up-to-date CV and dates of availability and expected daily rate.

This position has been filled.