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We shall be pleased to provide or arrange and training courses that you may require.

Projects and Placements

List of worldwide contract locations

Abu Dhabi: TV Studio installation project
Angola: Telecommunication projects
Belgium: GSM microwave installation project
Cameroon: Pipeline upgrade
China: Building project
Egypt: GSM microwave installation project
France: Airbus technical support project
France: Helicopters technical support project
France: Instructors for flight simulators
Germany: Refinery upgrade
Ghana: Bridge construction project
Greece: Underground railway project
Guinea: Telecommunications project
Holland: GSM microwave installation project
Holland: Instrumentation Supervisor – Refinery
Hungary: Telecommunications installation
Hungary: Telecommunications projects
India: Telecommunications upgrade project
India: Oil / gas pipeline project
Indonesia: Helicopters technical supports project
Iran: Road construction project
Ivory Coast: Satellite training instructors
Jordan: GSM microwave project
Kosovo: Telecommunications installation and training projects
Luxembourg: Telecommunications project
Morocco: Power station project
Nigeria: Feasibility study – Network technology
Nigeria: Installation of computer network
Nigeria: Installing card payment system
Nigeria: Upgrade PC and IBM RS 6000 systems
Pakistan: Civil engineering canal project
Poland: Road construction project
Portugal: Building project
Russia: Oil / gas pipeline project
Saudi Arabia: Aircraft technical support
Saudi Arabia: Hospital projects
South Korea: Railway project
Syria: Civil engineering project
United Kingdom / France: Eurotunnel project
United Kingdom: Unix Shell Telecommunications study
Zimbabwe: Power station project